In how many days the parts will arrive on my desk?

Minimum is 3 working days for 3D printing and 4 working days for CNC machining

Once your 3D file has been uploaded to the online quote page, you can choose the delivery date for each item uploaded. If among the 3 dates indicated you will not find one that suits your needs, you can also choose a personalized delivery date by clicking on the "Personalized delivery date" button.

Based on the box you are going to select, you will "cross" a date with the quantity of parts.

In how many days the parts will arrive on my desk?
In the case above, for example, the copies are 3, the total amount is € 21.40 and the delivery date is  25/05/20

Please note: the shorter the production time required, the more the price will increase, you will also find limitations on the quantity. Choose the delivery date of the rightmost column to get the lowest possible price.

To respect the delivery date indicated in the online quote, it is necessary to complete the order and payment on the same working day. In the event that the payment should take place on a day different from that of the realization of the quote, the delivery date will shift forward by as many working days as the number of elapsed between the estimate and the payment.