How do I complete an order?

Here is the complete process of your order from online quote to delivery:


  • CNC: file format STEP/STP max 150mb
  • 3D PRINTING: file format STEP/STP or STL max 150mb

The files you upload are end-to-end encrypted and no one will be able to see or take possession of them.

💡 Do you have dozens or hundreds of 3D files to upload and don't feel like doing it one at a time? Compress them into a single .zip and they will all load simultaneously.

In case you encounter problems or receive error messages that you do not understand, do not hesitate to send us the related 3D files here with your requests for clarification.


You are now on the online quote webpage page and you can choose materials, finishes, quantities and delivery times: all prices will update in real time at the time of your various choices.

Complete all fields and click on "complete pre-order" button and you will find yourself on a summary page where you can check if everything is ok. If everything is ok, click again on "complete pre-order".

Why complete "pre-order"? Because our engineers will verify the feasibility of your work before asking your payment and then making the parts, so :
1. If everything is OK we will send you a payment link to proceed with the production.
2. Otherwise we will contact you to suggest any changes.


You will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail, if you do not find it, take a look at the spam folder; at the same time our engineers will verify the characteristics of your parts and within 24h they will send you the confirmation of the feasibility of your pieces and a link to proceed with the payment. 

If any problem or non-feasibility should result, you will be contacted by email or phone to find a solution to proceed with the processing.

The status of your order and any notes will always be visible and updated in your account, where you can make the required changes or change the characteristics of the order.

Payment will be requested only after validation of the feasibility of your pieces and is mandatory only if you actually want to proceed with production.


Once the feasibility of your order has been validated, from your user area you can proceed to confirm the order and pay using the different methods available.

Over € 5000 you can pay by bank transfer at 60 days (subject to approval)

Important: delivery times are calculated from receipt of payment. To obtain the same delivery day chosen in the online quote you will have to pay the same day of validation.

You will receive an invoice by email within 24h.


Once payment has been confirmed, your order will be produced and you will be able to follow its processing in your account.


Your order is delivered worldwide by DHL express courier.

Tracking code will be sent to you by email and will also be available in your account.