Are there any discounts?

There are 3 types of discount

1) Welcome Discount: Weerg offers you a welcome discount of € 15 if you sign up for the newsletter: at the bottom of all the pages of the website you will find the box below to subscribe and immediately receive the discount code via email.

Are there any discounts?

2) Weekly  Newsletter Promo: almost every week (usually on Wednesday) we send a newsletter containing rolling discounts on materials, finishes, tolerances and more. So do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter using the banner above or by creating a new user account here. You will see the promotions applied to your parts highlighted as soon as you have uploaded your 3D files on the Quotation Page.

3) Discount Quantity / Run / Delivery date: In the table below, present on the quotation page of each item, a progressive discount is already applied for the runs (the greater the quantity the greater the discount applied to each copy).
As visible below, the minimum price of a single part is € 9.98 while that of 100 copies is € 4.213.04: almost 60% less per copy!
In addition to this, as you can see from the table, you can save significantly by choosing a longer delivery date.

Are there any discounts? 01